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Data Intensive Sciences & Applications

Big data – from hype to joint action

This is the first newsletter during 2017 about Big data related activities at Linnaeus university. Our intention is to provide you with updates of results, activities and plans around "Big data" in the Sciences, the Humanities and in applications.


Giangiacomo Bravo, Koraljka Golub, Marcelo Milrad, Mikko Laitinen, Göran Petersson, and Welf Löwe

Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences & Applications (DISA@LNU)

Just before Christmas the good news finally arrived. Our application to start the sixth Linnaeus University Centre (LNUC) has been granted.

DISA@LNU will have its roots in Computer Science and Media Technology where substantial parts of the excellence connected to data intensive research are located. One of the strengths of the DISA@LNU is that it brings together competences and researchers from all faculties at the university. An additional strength is the close connection that we have with the industry and other organizations.

Exploring new ways to collect, analysis, visualize and use large amounts of data are at the focus of the new research center. The work aims to mobilize both university researchers and different stakeholders from industry and the public sector to meet current social challenges that could be solved using big data techniques and solutions. The hope is to develop new approaches and use them to enable practical innovation in application fields.

The coming months will be filled with hard work to get DISA@LNU and its different projects up and running. These projects will be in the different focus areas; physics, engineering, IT, computational social sciences, digital humanities and eHealth.

Thanks to all of you who have been a part of the hard work to make this come through!

Big Data Conferences in December 2016

In mid-December interested people from industry, public sector and academia gathered in Kalmar for two days to discuss Big Data and what we then hoped to become DISA@LNU.

The first day was mainly an opportunity for researchers from the different focus areas to get to know each other’s research better for simplify further cross faculty collaboration. The second day was dedicated to external outreach to industry and the public sector. The day consisted of short presentations of projects and discussions between researchers and industry/public sector representatives.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend you can see all the presentations here:

Videos from December 8th Big Data Conference

and some voices from the participants: 

This way we can use Big Data together

Do you have an idea related to Big Data that you want to develop?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to meet you to tell you more about the ongoing plans and explore possible collaborations. We have different tools to kick off collaborations between industry/other organizations and researchers.

You can reach us here

Big data - from hype to joint action

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