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A Win Win World

Live from COP21 Paris

Live from Paris

This week we are in Paris following the climate negotiations at COP21. The climate movement has taken over the streets of Paris, building bridges, co-creating and joining together as one voice. A call for Climate Action!

As it looks like right now - we will have an agreement. The question is; How strong will it be? And what happens next?

For us it is perfectly clear - We need to look beyond Paris! Strong or weak agreement, we need to act on climate anyway. And we need action now - from both political leaders, businesses, NGOs, academia and civil society. From young and old. From YOU and ME.

The good news is - 2016 will be a year of action! Read about our latest programs and initiatives in this newsletter.
Do you see anything you fancy beeing a part of? Contact us - join us! Co-creation will change the future. Because we need to work together, also beyond Paris. 

Stay tuned on A Win Win Worlds facebook page and twitter for the latest news - from Paris and beyond. 


Katharina Brunat 
Chairwomen of the Board

A Win Win World

Success for 5° by Twisted Feet

5° by Twisted Feet is an innovative visual urban creative dance show. The project is a collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology, Wingqvist Laboratory VINN Excellence center, Stora Teatern (The Grand Theatre) and A Win Win World. By combining culture, science and education into a creative production we aim to influence and engage young people to take a step in the right direction and act on climate change. We are planning for a Nordic tour in 2016 and an International tour in 2017. 

Watch the trailer: http://bit.ly/1k1oPKd

5 degrees danceshow
Photo: 5° by Twisted Feet

The tickets for the first five shows in September sold out and 5° was nominated as this years "Spot on" at Scenkonstguidens gala award. 

17-19th December is the next opportunity to see the show at Stora teatern in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Book your tickets here: http://bit.ly/1ZatNoa

250 SEK /person. 150 SEK for students. 


“BEST performance ever seen!!! Great job guys!! Everyone needs to see this!!”


“Thank you for such an amazing, touching and inspiring performance! Among the best I've seen, will be fun to follow you!”


Climate + street dance = Climate Action

Twisted Feet

5 degrees is more than only a dance show. Our follow up program offer a special toolkit for schools, as well as business oriented Action-Labs for companies, who want to address climate change and get more action for a sustainable future.

For more information about school programs and business programs, contact asa@awinwinworld.com


Partnership with Silicon Valley

Golden Gate
Foto: Pixabay

In October we participated in the Nordic delegation to SOCAP in San Francisco, USA, www.nordicsgosocap.com.

We find San Francisco and Silicon Valley very interesting for strategic partnerships for co-creation, tech and action for a sustainable future. In January 2016 we will go back to strenghten these partnerships. If you have ideas on how we can co-create between Sweden and Silicon Valley or contacts to companies or organizations working within sustainability and green tech, please drop an email to Katharina Brunat at katharina@awinwinworld.com

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About us

A Win WIn World

A Win Win World is a global platform to get more action for a sustainable future.
By arranging Action-Labs and innovative meeting places and using methods such as co-creation and nudging for behavioral change, we create action and measurable results for a resource efficient sustainable future. More win-win for people, planet, profit.



Talkshow COP21

Åsa Sandberg

Live from Paris! Åsa Sandberg in talkshow about behavioral change for the climate. 
Watch livestream on PlacetoB.org/live

Nudging Sweden Awarded with WWF Scholarship

Great news! Our net-work Nudging Sweden has been awarded
200 000 SEK from
WWF´s scholarship to do green nudges for innovative conservation. Are you representing a municipality and want to learn more about nudging as a method?

Contact Åsa Sandberg at 0708-154 652

More information >


Climate March


A Win Win World was one of many organizations standing behind the event KLIMAT-maniFESTation 29/11.
Over 4000 people was marching in Gothenburg, Sweden, to send an important message to the world leaders. Globally, we contributed to a climate march record where 785,000 people joined in 175 countries across! This is what organizers are calling the largest climate marches in history. Keep the spirit up, we are making a difference!


Åsa Sandberg
0708 - 15 46 52

Katharina Brunat

Katharina Brunat

0709 - 53 01 53

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